What Our Clients Say

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the experience I had buying my bed from Rodney.

I put off buying a bed for a long time only because I’ve had such bad experiences with upselling, price gouging, dishonest salespeople in the past. My experience with Rodney felt more like having a friend help me pick out a bed, rather than dealing with a salesman, He was extremely patient with me and didn’t try to “sell” me at all.  He actually watched as I tried out different beds and gave me his feedback on which bed supported me better that the others. His many years in the business makes him an expert in my opinion. I also wanted an adjustable base and he educated me on the different types. I finally made my decision and was  happy to find that I could buy the floor models for both, saving me quite a bit of money. The beds at this store are frequently vacuumed and kept in pristine condition, so to me it was the same as if I bought a bed from stock.
Delivery day arrived and I received a phone call confirming that they were on the way to my home. Rodney and Dave arrived as scheduled and went above and beyond to help me out. Not only did they haul off my old box spring and mattress, but also an ancient heavy wooden frame that surrounded the box spring. I also had a very heavy king size headboard and wondered if it would look good with my new queen bed. The carried It in from another room and set it up, made sure it was perfectly placed, and then put my new bed in front of it.
After the bed was placed (the base probably weights over 300 lbs itself) I decided I didn’t like the way the headboard looked. Rodney and Dave then had to move the bed and the base to remove the headboard they had just put into place. They did this with a smile on their faces and never made me feel bad for my indecision leading them do extra heavy lifting.

I don’t think I have ever had such good customer service from a retailer. If you are in the market for a bed I suggest you go straight to Sleep Source and buy a bed from Rodney. You don’t need to shop and compare because I know you will have a stress free experience at a good honest price.

Nancy S. (Yelp)

It is always such a pain to confidently buy a new mattress. It’s a big purchase and one you may have to live with for years.  After doing lots of online research, we decided we wanted a mattress we could see and feel before purchase.  The mail-order mattress could generate a lot of hassle if we didn’t like it.  We came to this store because of the good reviews and it is all true.  Rodney has been in the business for many years, has expert knowledge and gave us a few options that fit our needs.  He gave us a generous package deal and personally delivered the mattress and box-springs today.  I would highly recommend working with Rodney and his staff because they will find you what you want in the price range you can afford. BTW – Serta makes some of their mattresses here in Phoenix, if you are a buy local kind of person.

Mary F. (Yelp)

I had purchased a mattress from another vendor that was faulty. They said they would reimburse me so when I walked into Rodney’s store looking for a mattress in my price range, but still giving me a good night’s rest as I’ve broken my back twice, I felt no hesitation. Giving this information to Rodney, he graciously let me try out several mattresses but the only one that was comfortable was over my price range. He said, well it looks like I’m just going to have to sell you that one! I went home happy then received a call from the other mattress store stating they would replace the faulty mattress ONLY and not reimburse me. Well, I was distraught and called my new guardian angel, Rodney. He worked out a deal with me and now I’m sleeping on HIS mattress. I feel I not only found the perfect mattress but a friend when I walked into Rodney’s store that Sunday afternoon.

Cindi S. (Yelp)

I went to 2 other mattress stores before Sleep Source. Next time I need a mattress, I’m going STRAIGHT TO THE SOURCE! The first store I went to was dirty and nobody offered to help me. The second was clean and service was good, but they don’t stock ANY product (who does that?) Finally, when I went to Sleep Source, Rodney greeted me and seemed to really care that I got the right mattress for our guest bedroom. The showroom is spotless and feels like a Scottsdale boutique, but the prices are still very low! The mattress I picked was in stock and Rodney gave me a great deal. He even helped me load it up and take it home! I cannot recommend Sleep Source or Rodney highly enough.

Buddy M. (Yelp)

My husband and I have purchased quite a few mattresses, and our experience at Sleep Source was hands down the most honest and refreshing experience of them all. Rodney (the owner) was very knowledgeable and there was absolutely zero sales pressure like so many mattress places have. He found out what we were looking for, showed us three options that would fit our needs and explained why they were the best choices for our specific issues. We purchased the cushion firm model from Tommy Bahama (never seen it elsewhere!) and it has been the BEST purchase and sleep we have had in many years! Amazing mattress! Rodney also worked with our budget constraints which so many of the big chain stores do not. However, the number one thing that impressed me was that when the mattress arrived at our home Rodney was one of the delivery guys, making sure everything went as promised. Where do you get full circle service like that? Nowhere else I know! Can’t say enough great things about Sleep Source, and next time we need a mattress we will definitely be buying it there.

Paula S. (Yelp)

I always maintain a healthy amount of skepticism with respect to places with a high amount of five star reviews. After coming in and meeting Rodney I was quickly able to see why this place has been reviewed so positively.

We needed a “big girl” mattress for our daughter and having shopped around a bit where glad we came here. Rodney was not only consistent with what I read about choosing a bed for a child but he was also great about not being pushy. After finding a mattress and trundle mattress Rodney wanted to complete our experience and rather than scheduling delivery for several days later he personally dropped off the mattresses due to our proximity to the store. We will come back to Rodney first when looking for our next mattress.

Derek S. (Yelp)

This was a great place to buy a mattress. We purchased a great king size mattress. Even after the sell of the bed they made sure we were well taken care of. I will come back to them every time.

Jonathon G. (Yelp)

Love my new bed. Thanks for being so helpful.

Mary H. (Yelp)

Very friendly.   They worked with us to find a bed we are both happy with. Would buy here again.

Oran S. (Yelp)

Rodney Young owner of Paradise Valley Sleep Source.. He is honest and definitely will make sure your happy with what you purchase. I was very impressed..

Elaine H. (Yelp)